Saturday, June 21, 2008

Well, I haven't had time to blog lately with work, kids and the house.  I Spent a day last week cleaning out my closet and organizing my hundred or so pair of socks.  I also found the only painting I saved from College.  It actually looks pretty good for being 20 years old.  The most unusual thing about it is the firecracker paper still embedded in some of the paint.  I used PVC pipe and firecrackers to EXPLODE paint at the canvas from 3-4 feet away.  It looks good on the wall in my new office and I can look at it and remember the smell of gunpowder mixed with the ammonia from the Latex paints when I made it.

I think I might take some time next week and make another one.

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Greg Pflug said...

made it home! Ready to slice some pork?